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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

FF#18: The awesomeness continues. Johnny is the substitute teacher and decides to take the kids into the negative zone on a field trip. Basically there has been a revolt on one of the sub-cities which result with Johnny meeting his generals do demand (singular) free elections....which result in Annilhilus being voted in as their new leader, Val could hardly believe it

Incredible Hulk #8: I continue to love this book. Jason Aaron has to be in my top five favorite writers list right now. Banner is back, but in an interesting way. Hulk's brain, of which Hulk isn't too pleased about. This issue kicks off the Stay Angry arc and basically in order to prevent himself from reverting back to Banner...has to stay angry. As opposed to Bruce getting angry to change into Hulk. Frank's guest appearance is awesome in this book (I seriously may have to reconsider picking up Punisher again). The issue ends on a cliffhanger which Hulk seemingly in Atlantis.
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