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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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They could have had more great episodes in the making if they made Jake into this private investigative journalist....
That was one of the early story ideas behind In The Pale Moonlight. It would have been Jake narrating how he discovered Benjamin's misdeeds in his role as a reporter. But it was changed to Benjamin recording a log entry.
I once speculated on another story that could have happened with Jake in season 7. In fact it was spread over three episodes. Somewhere around mid-season, he could have been trying to do stories for the FNS but locked out of major command decisions for security reasons, so he would turn to non-combatant cultures for their perspectives - the Ferengi and the Bajorans. With the Ferengi he could have stumbled upon

and with Bajor we could have had an episode focusing more on


And then towards the end of the season, in the Final Chapter arc...

Just a few thoughts.

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