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Re: Female Captains poll

Ideally Trek should strive for a 50/50 split. Unfortunately the TV shows and movies never got there -- in TOS they weren't even allowed in command, and even with Next Gen era shows, the Janeways and Scotts were outnumbered by the dudes. Treklit is doing a much better job, though I haven't been keeping track to see how close to parity it is.

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Well with the exception of New Frontier and Vanguard, all of the trek books have been led by established characters. So really what you're asking is which established female character could serve as the center of her own series?

Dax (already captain of the Aventine)
Kira (Lead character in the DS9 Relaunch)
Seven of Nine

Of those, the only character that I could see as a potential lead is Beverly Crusher-Picard as the captain of a medical ship.
What about Saavik? She's already been established as a captain in the Vulcan's Soul series, and given the Vulcan/Romulan lifespan, she has plenty of time for adventures.

On a side note, everyone should check out the anime Bodacious Space Pirates (based upon the novel Miniskirt Space Pirates -- yes, really). The two main characters are basically female versions of Kirk and Spock.

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