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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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^Of course. However...I did feel the claims brought up--in this thread--by the other side warranted an answer. It may be tacky to say, "Well, he started it...." But, you know--I love discussion, provided it not fall to incivility.

This is a thread about Skyfall, not the political shenanigans in the previous film. You really wanted to address the thing's brought up with Sci, sure, fine, that's what PMs are for or you could create a new thread on the subject.
The film is still another 5 or six months away (depending on where you live). People can only discuss the teaser so many times. I think if the subject veers off into other Bond related talks shouldn't be a problem.

Or you know, you could use your posts to get the thread back on topic rather than complaining about other people.
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