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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

Wolverine and the X-Men 11 was alright. It was dependent on knowing what was going on in the main book, but did actually add a few layers to Wolverine's motivations. It takes place after Hope picked up Logan in the Antarctic, but before they steal the AIM ship to go to the moon. For those who wondered why when in AvX 4, Wolverine had Hope at his mercy and decided not to kill her when that had been his stated goal along, you get your answer. Just simply-- he couldn't do it. He is in the business of saving kids now, and felt that the Avengers are the best hope to do so without killing or exploiting her.

I loved Iceman's fight with Red Hulk. They have said in the past that Iceman is "Omega Class", but this is one of the first times that I've believed it as presented.

X-Men: Legacy 267 was better. It was less dependant on the main story, and got into the head of Rogue as her past conflicts with the Avengers haunt her memories. By the end of the story, any pretense the school may have had about neutrality is gone as the faculty sends the Avengers packing. It seems pretty much that Kitty and Sam are staying at the school, mostly for the kids sake, but more and more teachers are joining the fight.
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