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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

FF 18 was OK. The field trip to the Negative Zone was fun, but I was really more interested in the sub-plots with the Franklins and Reed and Sue in Kree space with Black Bolt and the Supreme Intelligence.

Other than the Frankin/Kree stuff, both of which were set-up for a future story, this was essentially another done-in-one from Hickman. I realize the Hickman's run is coming to an end soon, so an epic on the order of his recently completed one is an unreasonable expectation, but I'm glad to see him starting a story a little broader in scope than can be contained in a done-in-one before he leaves.

New Mutants 43-- The end of the "Exiled" crossover with Journey into Mystery. As I've followed the tale of the Disir ever since they first appeared in the Siege crossover of New Mutants, I was very happy with the way the tale of their cursed existance was concluded and genuinely surprised how the truth of their situation turned them into victims of Bor's egocentric and male chauvenistic nature and into sympathetic characters. Turns out the the "Hunger for man-flesh" that Bor cursed them for wasn't a literal hunger, but rather normal female wants and desires. In other words, Bor unleashed this hideous curse upon them... because they got horny while he was away.

As this Journey into Mystery crossover ends, the new Previews brings word of another--this time with Thor. However, previews lists both the Thor and JiM issues of "Everything Burns" to be written by Matt Fraction. I sure hope that's a typo.
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