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Re: Female Captains poll

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I would like to see more female captains at the center of Star Trek novels. I really like Ezri Dax as captain of the Aventine. Who else wants to see more female captains?
Well with the exception of New Frontier and Vanguard, all of the trek books have been led by established characters. So really what you're asking is which established female character could serve as the center of her own series?

Dax (already captain of the Aventine)
Kira (Lead character in the DS9 Relaunch)
Seven of Nine

Of those, the only character that I could see as a potential lead is Beverly Crusher-Picard as the captain of a medical ship. That would not be entirely out of order given what we saw in "All Good Things..." and it would be a new/unique series since we've never had a trek lit series that focused exclusively on Medicine. Given what has happened post Destiny, a book series about the USS Pasteur as a roving hospital could actually be interesting. Plus, if Pocket decides to embrace the Countdown comics then Jean Luc will be due for retirement from Starfleet at some point to become an Ambassador. That would open up the possibility for Beverly to leave the Enterprise and assume command of her own ship. The only thing I would not want is for them to break up the Picards.
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