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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

TheGodBen; you missed an opportunity to knock off half a star: that Starfleet guy who shot himself in the foot. That first scene with him was the worst case of overacting I've ever seen! Bad cast or bad directing; take your pick.

Other than that ...Nor the Battle to the Strong was a great episode, and it's nice to see a threat other than the Dominion being so effectively utilized.

Oh yeah another reason to knock off half a star: that scene with Dax and Sisko in the Defiant's engine room. It felt forced and a bit TNGish with Dax's insufferable optimism (geez I sound like Garak!).

I also think later on the writers missed a trick with Jake, because when they really thought about it (and worked hard; lazy buggers [Meridian, Rivals cough cough]) they came up with some of DS9s best episodes centering around Jake (Explorers, The Visitor and ...Nor the Battle to the Strong). They could have had more great episodes in the making if they made Jake into this private investigative journalist. Think about: Jake would interact with Quark more and the senior staff, Jake would get around, bring up the dirt on command decisions and important events and happenings (through 'sources'). Hell you could really push it and somehow get Section 31 involved with Jake discovering something top secret.

All those possibilities. This episode though is probably the last great episode with Jake taking center point, after that Jake gets left behind in the dust...

RIP Jake's character development, it never quite caught up with his physical development...

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