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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

Harvey wrote: View Post
"The biggest one anyone's done since the silent era."

Well, let's not establish unrealistic expectations or anything.
Yeah I never understood that. Does "one" actually mean "film"? What does it mean.

i think the film may be pretty good, as in a sufficient wrap up to the story. but lets not forget how close TDK's narrative got to totally unspooling right before our eyes. It's only because of the strong themes in the story that people overlook the impossibility of the joker doing almost anything he actually did. let's not forget the the conflict at the warehouse at the end between batman and Two Face was sloppily written and executed and only the last minute (when batman decided to take the fall and go on the motorcycle) did it feel like it was cohering at all. Let's not forget that the film has some of the clumsiest exposition delivery I've ever seen in a film.

Want proof: "With no word from the Batman, even as they mourn Commissioner Loeb, these cops have to be wondering if the joker will make good on his threat to kill the mayor.'

That's one sentence, a poorly written sentence and doesn't resemble any news item I've ever heard. It's sole purpose was to cram as much exposition into the scene as Nolan could so the viewer won't be lost. we never know exactly who the five people are that Dent supposedly killed. We never know what happened at the party after Rachel fell. There is so much in the narrative that is lacking.. it's like we simply touch it, like a house of cards, and it falls apart. I really doubt that the new film will be significantly better in terms of flow.
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