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Re: Does anyone else dislike Keiko O'brien?

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There are a number of fans that say the character of Ezri Dax was not that important. Even to say, they wished that Jadzia Dax was not replaced. Have to say, Keiko was less important then Ezri. Therefore, I do not have a problem with my comments.
There is no question that Keiko O'Brien was not as important a character to the show as, say, Jadzia Dax. However, the phrasing of your comment made it appear that you were saying that, in-universe, she was not important because she was "only" a wife and a mother, a vocation which I hope all are agreed is rather important. That was what I was clarifying.
I do not have a problem with her being a wife and a mother. The problem I had with her, she was only on the show because she was only a wife and a mother. In my judgment, she was like a 19th century female character from a Victorian novel. Get married, have a child with your husband, and hope that it is a male child (DS9 it was a girl). I just felt she was cheated out of being herself.
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