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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

O'Niel was in the 70's, so hardly a hampster wheel before Rucka.
O'Neil - Amazons, leave the Earth for another dimension
Messner Loebs - Amazons disappear into another dimension
Rucka - Amazons leave the Earth for another dimension

Hardly very original any way you spin it.

Marston and Perez weren't doing a Greek demonizing the other
The Amazons in the comics are an offshoot of Greek society.

Marston and Perez were influence by the West's idealization and fetishisation of the Greek society as a society of logic and reason and the cradle of democracy. The Amazons in those comics were extension of that.

Azarello approached the Amazons in what we now know about the Greek. Essentially a society like any other during that time where the strong ruled, where dignity, right of law, civil society and human rights had never developed, where superstition was triumphant over reason.

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