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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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That implies what Rucka did wasn't just another turn of the Hamster wheel. Except of course it pretty much was. Taking the Amazons off the table had already been done before by his hero Denny O'Neil and of course they had returned before. What Rucka take was just another iteration of the same idea.
O'Niel was in the 70's, so hardly a hampster wheel before Rucka. Since Rucka, it's been nearly a yearly event.
I like what Azzarello has done with the Greek Pantheon personally. I thought Ruka's run was decent, but Azzarello has made things interesting IMO.
I liked that he had Athena overthrow Zeus. That was actually an idea in the myths that was never properly articulated.

I think what Azarello understood at least better than Rucka or his predecessors was that Amazons who were the product of the Greek world and worldview shouldn't be this idealized society based on rationality and respect. The world that they came from was still very much a barbaric and savage place that had no concept of human rights or rule of law.
Marston and Perez weren't doing a Greek demonizing the other (especially those awful Amazon women) rather an enlightened culture that had something positive to offer in the person of Diana. Now, anything positive is in spite of her culture.
We have seen pimp daddy Zeus and discovered her culture is made up of murderers and child traffickers for arms
This is essentially the Amazonian take on the Spartan practice of leaving the unwanted infants out to die of exposure. Except in this case they are traded off to Hephaestus.
Don't give a damn, this is a comic which once depicted a culture of women who were enlightened, heroic and worthy of emulation. Now, not so much.
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