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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

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I’m unsure if the ‘cure’ applied here wasn’t worse than the original disease. That was an awfully big gamble, especially seeing as how seductive the station’s power and abilities were to the Free Borg, and how narrowly a newly awakened Collective was avoided.

I thought Qwert was done for, but the cagey old Ferengi had a few surprise left for his captors. As for Benjamani’s demise, I find myself unable to mourn the passing of that caustic witch.

Terrific stuff! I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed this story, nor how quickly your gripping narrative could draw me right back in.

Now, to paraphrase an immortal video-game warrior, “FINISH IT!!!”

Thanks for the comment, means a lot. Especially glad that you were drawn back into the story, considering how long it has been since I updated!!!!

The consequences of the "cure" will become much clearer in the next chapter, and they may not be what you are expecting.

I don't know whether I feel sorry for Benjamani, but she did prove herself towards the end. Plus the full consequences of her death may not become clear until Volume IV.

New chapter coming at the end of the week, and then there'll be one more to round off Volume III before the beginning of Volume IV.

Thanks again for the comment!

Gul Re'jal wrote: View Post
It appears that being in a Borg collective and bringing "peace" to the galaxy is a tempting a drug. The station followed the instructions, but what now? What will happen to it, full of Borg nanoprobes?

At least there are some good things about this gamble.
Thanks to you too Gul Re'jal. As to what now, that will be dealt with very quickly in the next chapter!
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