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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

I wanted Robert L. Forward's Dragon's Egg but my book-dealer couldn't find it for me in their network (I even had them call their head-office) This has happened quite a few times to me recently: The inability of my dealer is coupled with my finding of the very same book for sale on-line when I get home... I really need some plastic to pay with...

Anyway, I rarely leave the (a!) book store empty handed and found "A Game of Groans" by George R. R. Washington ( ).
Here's something from the back of the cover:
There was a bloodied knife on Allbran's bed. Lady Gateway Barker knew what she had to do; what all the royals in Summerseve did when somebody tried to kill a member of their family: gather up a bunch of people and horses, and go from one place to another.
I just happened to also pick up a tea-brewing machine from a discount store on my way home. And some groceries.

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