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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Admiral_Young wrote:
What are your thoughts and opinions on it so far?
Fun and frustrating it's nice to have a place to jump on with new titles and lots of new titles I'm glad DC at least tried to have titles featuring more obscure characters like OMAC. However we lost a lot of great things like the entire JSA and most of the characters associated with it a lot of other characters are still MIA.
Admiral_Young wrote:
What books are you currently still reading? What have been your favorites?
I'm still reading Swamp Thing I've also really liked the dark titles as a whole.
Admiral_Young wrote:
Has it been worth it for you? Are you more invested in the 52'Verse than the DCU before it?
I'd say I've invested in about the same amount of time and money currently into DC as if there was no reboot since a lot of things could have been done without the reboot like the new Swamp Thing title. Ironically I dumped the main GL title thinking that they'd wipe all the old GL continuity but as it turned out the GL book were least affected by the changes and I agree with that since if it isn't broke don't fix it. (internet whining about Johns not withstanding)
Admiral_Young wrote:
If's made me embrace Marvel again.
The main things that keep me from embracing Marvel again is the 3.99 price point on their books.
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