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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Non Sequitur

I knew the teaser was a dream sequence/misnomer of some kind as soon as I heard a woman in bed with Kim! Kim designing a ship…Free Vulcan Mocca….no one likes Kim that much! The episode continues with Kim going to give a presentation at Star Fleet….going home…getting laid (Yeah, right), etc. Finally Kim accepts that his reality is not right and seeks Paris out in the Gigolo pool hall from the holodeck. There is no way that Kim took Paris down on the pool table; even a drunk Paris could whip Kim!

Kim gets brought into Starfleet because his actions are making him look like a spy. Apparently Cosimo is an alien from a temporal inversion, and Kim’s shuttle collided with their time stream and they cannot get him back. I do have to give it to Kim that he fought so hard to get back to his own timeline. Even after his fiancé begs him to stay he still insists on leaving. When security beams into his home after he tampers with his anklet why don’t they just beam out the window after him? Why the foot chase?

Paris jumps in and helps Kim out. They definitely did a great job making Paris look younger/ a little wilder out of uniform. They beam into Star Fleet in order to beam aboard a ship and try and get back into their timeline. Star Fleet chases them because they think they are Maquis spies. They manage to get the shuttle back into the right timeline and Kim is back on the VOY.

Favorite part: I like Cosimo, and the part where his fiancé says that Kim should see a psychiatrist. (Not necessarily a bad idea in the regular timeline either…)

Least favorite part: The beginning was a bit slow. Plus, his fiancé would have freaked out when he explained why he was going to France. No one would be that calm after his explanation! Watching this episode was difficult for me….Kim’s character is just so whinny. Wang does a great job with the acting, making him look horribly whinny and whimpish, but the character drives me nuts!!
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