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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

Terrorist "We want to save the world for everyone."

Kiera "I want to destroy the world, and build a better world for those few that might survive."


if all depressions are created equal...

You go back in time to stop the depression in the 30s.

That means no world war two because Germany is happy.

No one invents atomic weapons/power.

Although there's 6 million extra Jews in the world, without the haulocaust none of the on the fence racists feel like there's any reason to go easy on the jews, which doesn't trickle down into social gratis for women and blacks, not to mention there wouldn't have been no mass exodus from Europe to America... Goodness? Can you imagine New York with out Woody Allen making movies complaining about his mother?

Germany makes it to the moon first since the their rocket scientist didn't have to run from the fall of Berlin.

No atomic weapons means that there would be no limitations to any of the conflicts between the communist and the US forces as ideologies collide...

So it's 1970-something and who ever invents the bomb first, Russia or America is going to win WWII and use the other as a footstool, and how honestly do you sell that to the people of 1927 when you're telling them that the world will be better because of the depression, the holocaust, WWII and the Cold War, and that there''s a bread line waiting for them, but in 80 years it will all be worth it?

Kiera's best hope for the brightest future relies on millions dying unfortunately and billions being sent to the poor house and work camps.
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