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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

I’m back after my gambling-Grandma’s week in Vegas!!!


Chakotay seems really pissed that he caught people kissing in the “elevator”. Why? You have to expect people to hook up when they are told that they may never return home in their lifetimes… I think that Janeway has the better ideology; not regulating people’s personal lives, but a touch of discretion wouldn’t hurt either.

I love Neelix’s angry face. He is so protective/jealous when it comes to Kes. Ewww….why is Kes eating bugs? Such a gross scene, and then she does that thing with her eyes….. The teaser also showed a quick clip of millions of “bugs” in outer space.

Neelix brings Kes flowers to apologize. I love it that Kes is eating everything under the sun? I think it is hilarious. My husband said that it reminds him of me…. The Doctor vs. Neelix….I would love to see that in a boxing ring. I don’t know why, but I particularly like the scene when Janeway puts her arms out and Kes runs into her arms shaking!! It appeared that Kes is hitting puberty??? LOVE IT! She supposedly either has to have a child now or not at all…Neelix may be in for a good time, and if puberty is that aggressive in the Ocampa….well…we can only imagine!!

I like the discussion that Chakotay and Janeway have about a generational ship. Chakotay brings up a good point. If they are in space for 70+ years they would have to re-stock crewpersons in half that time, which would mean that it may important for the crew to have children. I specifically like the discussion about schools, etc. that would need to be added.

Neelix seeks Tuvok out for child advice. We find out that Tuvok has four children; one daughter and three sons. Tuvok gives Neelix very logical advice, but he explains the joys of having children as well. Phillips does a great job with Neelix’s facial expressions in this episode. Neelix goes to Kes and agrees to mate with her. She has to undergo certain rituals involving a foot rub by a parent before they can begin. Kes has the Doctor stand in for her father in the ritual. She speaks with him regarding her decision and possible guidance. She explains that she is not finished growing and she is not sure how she is supposed to help a child grow when she is not grown herself. In the end, she decides not to have children. However, it turns out that her early puberty was probably false because of the creatures outside, and she may still be able to reproduce later.

The creatures in space are sexually attracted to the ship. Apparently, the ships signal is similar to the larger creatures’ signals kind of like pheromones. When the larger creature attacks the ship out of sexual aggression Janeway decides to roll the ship in an attempt to look submissive.

Favorite parts: I like this episode. It brings to light many of the questions about a crew lost in space specifically: dating, mating, and children.

Neelix’s face when Kes says she would want to mate with him!!

Tuvok, “It appears we have lost our sex appeal Captain”!

“In the future if I have any questions on mating behavior I will know where to go” Janeway to Chakotay. The look on Chakotay’s face is priceless!!!

Crewman Wildman is pregnant!! It is a generational ship now whether they thought it was a good idea or not.

Least favorite part: I don’t like how they drop crewman in and out of the storyline. We see Ensign Wildman in the beginning of the episode on the bridge, and I don’t recall having seen her before. Now, she is pregnant, and I assume she will be giving birth on the ship. I wish that there was a better way to introduce characters.
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