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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

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You should tell your father about the Vong.

Apparently 20 years before A New Hope, "Senator" Palpatine noticed these planet sized generational colony ships crossing the galactic void and decided to save the Galaxy from being sacked, because deep down, he's a nice guy with everyone's best interests at heart.

The new republic is facing down against these world ships in the new novels and they're really regretting having destroyed all those Deathstars. Really, really, really regretting it.

So yeah.

Your Dad was right.
Thanks, Guy. If I knew you twenty years ago, you could have saved me twenty years of therapy!

But, really, the story for Continuum will be that the terrorists were hired by Alexander to return to the past and repair all the damage that his company has done. It doesn't matter that they blew up an entire building because all of this will never have happened when the timeline gets rewritten.
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