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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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^Funny, they've been saying that for at least 10 years, yet people still seem to like to control they're own data.

Originally I thought the same thing, apparently I was wrong...the cloud is too scalable, too adaptive, too accessible.

Although I had online backup as long ago as the 90s, the cloud required a "killer app", looks like the killer app are the OSs and internet itself as well as portable devices --which have huge market penetration now--that created a need for sharing personal info across them all. Again, the meme was out there and the huge companies involved made it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I have been using Google Docs, Cloud Print, Dropbox for some time now, and now with Drive integrating all of Google's services, the game has changed.

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