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Re: Star Trek: Our Sacred Honor--A Tale Of Captain Ezri Dax

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Now the story is starting to take off. It'll have us wondering all the way to the end what kind of ruling is in 31's best interest.
Yeppers! But remember--there are differnt divisions--and as far as Sorak and L'Haan are concerned...sometimes the interests of an individual division can conflict with the interests of the Bureau as a whole....

The dialogue between L'Haan and Sorak brings me back to some of the points I've made about Zero Sum Game's cliffhanger ending. For one, the only scenes truly narrated from Sarina's point of view were while she was in Breen custody and the final scene of the novel. Secondly, that it ended where it did suggests more is happening than the simple finding out his wife is a Russian spy premise.
Yep! Recall that L'Haan noted--as an odd aside, I thought--that she intended to be successful where Sloan and Cole had failed. It almost seemed as though she were bragging to Sarina--or at least to herself. An odd attitude for a Vulcan...almost as though she somehow has "something to prove".

But as Sorak points out here...maybe that kind of assumption --that she would succeed, that her plan is somehow better, in and of itself--is bringing her in over her head. As he makes it a point to note, his division already tried something similar. (Remember my use of FRWL as a "prequel" of sorts to ZSG? )

Finally, a rhetorical question, wasn't Sorak the guy who first recruited Sloan into the Bureau? I guess that arrangement is analogous to Aiman al-Zawari being Osama bin Laden's mentor, but bin Laden was ultimately the one in charge.
Well...I wouldn't go so far as to use a terrorist analogy, but--in that particularly case, the parallels are basically accurate.

Glad you all are liking it!
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