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Currently working through the missing episode audios...

My only experience with them previously has been the two Tom Baker versions for both Troughton Dalek stories (and the odd episode I might've 'acquired' to listen to here and there).

But now I've managed to borrow most of the missing episode audios in their remastered form and am slowly working through them (this thread will take a while as I only get to hear maybe 1 or 2 a week, but it varies). So in order of listening...

THE POWER OF THE DALEKS (Anneke Wills version)

It's amazing how much more detail appears with a proper script. So many more images are fleshed out and its far more easier to understand from a visual (or lack of) perspective. My only gripe would be some of the scene directions are a bit unnecessary (like "Bragen exits", when it oh-so obvious that Bragen has just left the room).

THE EVIL OF THE DALEKS (Frazer Hines version)
5/10 (first 5) 10/10 (last 2)

I have to say I was a little disappointed by this. First I was impressed to hear episode one in it's full version (the Tom Baker version edited out the Tri-Colour bar scenes), but after that not even Frazer's excellent narration helped me keep my interest, and I ended up skipping episode four entirely. Then again I was never a fan of the middle episodes of this story; having the Daleks run around a house in the 1860s was hardly their proudest moment. That said, the final two episodes are some of the finest in the Troughton era.

FURY FROM THE DEEP (Frazer Hines version)

Excellent. Gripping storyline from start to finish. My only complaint would be from some of the original dialogue which came across as very B-Movie-esque and overly dramatic.


I've always considered this story to be a little bland whenever I read story descriptions, being filled with Nation cliches and silly run-around plots to extend the length of the story. But after hearing the episodes remastered my opinion changes quite a bit. It's a great story, a truly epic adventure. Unfortunately in the copies I was given my friend had relabelled episode 5 as episode 4, and thus I had two copies of Counter Plot - which already exists! I'll have to go back and hear The Traitors at a later date.

7/10 (so far)

Only 4 of the 7 episodes through but it's a great story, and a nice diversion from the monsters and aliens that populate the show these days. Nice to hear the Doctor being threatening for once (sounds like he was gonna rip the Tardis key from Marco or otherwise would rip his head off!)

More to come...
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