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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Captain Craig wrote: View Post
I refer any that need to see it, see it again to this post.
Does that pic from that post on page 30 look like someone NOT collecting figures? That is a portion of the room, that entire guest bedroom is a freaking shrine to Marvel Comics. Maybe I'll take pics of the rest of the room just for shit's and giggles. It's something of a "catch-all" room though so that bookshelf represents the easiset pic to get.

Do I flip figures, you bet I do and I'm not ashamed of it. I bet Shinzon isn't either. Nothing illegal about it and if someone will pay it then I don't see the issue. Doesn't mean we aren't as "worthy" an action figure fan? No.

I have a standing order with an Ebay Store Seller who sends me a complete run of each MU line. One of each figure. That's one for me to add to my collection without fighting the pegs at retail.
i'm not ashamed of flipping figures. kinda like cooleddie74 said, its the plunder and pillage guys who irritate me. i buy what i like and i rarely ever buy whole waves of figures. i keep an eye out for stuff i know is rare and pick up stuff for friends. if its something for a friend i just charge them retail plus shipping. if i end up making $30 from a Star Wars figure on ebay that money usually goes towards buying more toys.
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