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Re: The Dominion War brought out the worst in Starfleet

Getting Odo back into the fold, was always priority Number 1 for the Female Shapeshifter, more important than waging the war, itself, IMHO.
That doesn't wash. If that's what the Female Founder wanted, she could have made Odo an offer he couldn't refuse during the occupation of DS9 - return to the Link and we'll end the war. The fact that she didn't make that offer shows that Odo's return was not a vital reason for the war.

Why couldn't they have come together to fight against a common enemy without duplicity. It's just a simple matter of the writer's choosing which choice is the right choice.
Wow. You really do want children's stories then, if you want the writers to spin some BS where the "nice" choice is always possible. Reality just isn't that considerate. Often the choices are between Bad and Worse. DS9 was honest about that, but as the ending shows, not always totally honest.
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