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Re: Matt Jefferies and NCC-1017

I am amused by the description provided in the Concordance.
I think these two are winners.

"...somewhat larger than a 20th century naval battleship..."

"...a rear hangar deck large enough to contain a whole fleet of 20th century jet liners..."

The largest battleship was the Japanese battleship Yamato with a length of 263 meters (862 ft 10 inches). However, a production sketch from TOS shows the USS Enterprise in comparison to the aircraft carrier Enterprise (CVA-65). The carrier had a length of 342 meters (1,123 ft.)

I wonder what jet liners WGIII had in mind when writing that line, and how many liners constitute a fleet. By 1968, these jet liners were in operation:

* BAC One-Eleven
* Boeing 707
* Boeing 727
* Convair 880
* de Havilland Comet
* Douglas DC-8
* Hawker Siddeley Trident
* Ilyushin IL-62
* McDonnell Douglas DC-9
* Sud Aviation Caravelle
* Tupolev Tu-104
* Tupolev Tu-154
* Vickers VC10

There is a great amount of variety in that list with a wide range in the length of the body, length from wingtip to wingtip, and height.

Who was WGIII? What was his connection, if any, to the production office at Star Trek?

Was the Concordance, First Edition, released before or after The Making of Star Trek which was published by Ballantine in September 1968?
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