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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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It continues to be disturbing just how many of the "big" guests at every single one of Joiner's events drop like flies the week before the event takes place. This has been happening for years. Just look at Klepto coming up this weekend. Greatest Show in the Galaxy had about 86 guests a few weeks ago, and as far as I know, at least all the big guests, Trek, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Christopher Lambert etc turned up. Rather puts Shamasters to shame.
Nope, Daphne Ashbrook pulled out (and the news broke third hand), ruining a perfect Doctor Who TVM group photoshoot, but at least GS were prepared to offer a full refund. Unlike this weekend where a Five Doctors photo just becomes 4 Doctors if one doesn't make it.

Cancellations always happen. The amount of people who are disappointed that their favourite actors find jobs acting where they can surprises me.

However, there's an amended development which you might like to add to your cause of greivinces.

If a guest is moved from one event to another its not a cancellation

'Photoshoot tickets will still be valid for LFCC (you don't need to swap them, simply use the CMK tickets at LFCC). If you are not attending LFCC and would like a refund please return the tickets to (edited) or alternatively bring them to the organisers booth at Collectormania'

Now the thing is Collectomania is a free show (mainly because it used to be in a shopping centre, couldn't police the crowds!) whereas the later is not. So that means if you had paid for a photo ticket you could use at a free event, due to the organisers choice to move them to the next event (rather than next free event) you now have to pay more to use the same ticket at the 2nd event. Or if you you have to pay postage if you can't decide by the time the first event on!

So I dunno, sounds slightly dodgy to me. You are inconvienced, but you have to pay to resolve it.

Anyway, I am paying a flying visit to Collectomania this weekend. I wasn't (got another event in London on the Sunday) but trainfare wise not much more to sidestep to Milton Keynes for a few hours first. Which is odd considering the geography!
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