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sound for Prometheus

a good article on the sound design of the film Prometheus.
lot's of detail on sound design and sound mixing for this film.

Mixing in the 7.1 format allowed us to really take advantage of the environment,
Although Prometheus will be released in 3D, Stoeckinger says that sound editorial and mixing team “never saw the film in 3D until about 80 percent of the way through the final mix. We could reasonably guess what sound imaging was going to be in the forefront — and Doug Hemphill mixed it that way. As various visual effects came towards completion, we were able to pick out key elements to pull even further back into the room to be complimentary with how they would play in 3D — but which are still interesting and effective in the 2D world.
Very cool stuff. I liked reading about the ADR audio they made sound like the production dialogue in the suits.

sound related:
Composer : Marc Streitenfeld
Prometheus (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) album was released on iTunes on May 15, 2012, and will be released on CD on June 12, 2012.(USA) It features 23 tracks by Streitenfeld, plus 2 tracks by composer Harry Gregson-Williams

25 tracks
The following track listing contains some possible mild spoilers, so read at your own risk.

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