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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Issue 5 is out today, booyaka!

There's some foreshadowing of Cyborg Superman and it's done in the typical subtle fashion we've come to expect from the series called Smallville.

We get some character building as Clark interviews Henshaw. Miller's writing is surprisingly ham fisted in this scene. In one particularly bad piece of writing Henshaw gives a whole monologue on what a sensualist he is. I suppose that this is so we'll feel sorry for him when he loses his ability to taste, touch and feel anything. Po' baby.

I don't think it's going to surprise anybody who doesn't read Superman comics that Henshaw is going to be this season's big bad. First off he's very skeptical of Superman. On Smallville if you don't worship Clark then you're being set up as the villain.

It also doesn't help that this Hank Henshaw feels that Superman should be imposing his will on humanity and forcing us to conform to a higher standard rather than lead by setting a good example.

In a better written piece of character building there was an enjoyable confrontation between Ollie and Lex. Ollie proves he's nobody's fool by accusing Lex of murdering Tess. On the other hand Lex reveals he knows about Ollie's base on the moon and calls the other members of the JL, "super friends". The renewed Ollie/Lex antagonism looks to be a highlight of this season.

The cliffhanger for this issue was a good one, with Hank Henshaw left in mortal danger and this season's little bad declaring: "This looks like a job for Superman."

Miller's making it very difficult for me to wait until next week.

He really is.

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