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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x20 - "In the Stars" (part 1 of 3)

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Caught up with a bunch in quick succession. Finished reading this on the eve of picking up 'Plagues of Night' so I'm quite excited and happy to be getting back into DS9.
Don't spoil me! I haven't got it yet.

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The reveal of Etana was a huge huge surprise,
I was in the midst of planning out the season months ago, and I just stopped and thought to myself... "I think I need a Section 31 spy on the station." So then it became a question of "who should it be?" It couldn't just be a random nobody or bit-part player because then we wouldn't care. Etana was the logical choice, even though I couldn't help thinking, "Wow, that's pretty big. Can I really do that?"

But she is perfect. She worked under both Ro and Bashir (even though her move to Bashir was only a production accident, but what the hell, let's make use of it), she's close to both of them, and she has a partner whose reaction to it can play into the drama. She's been Ro's best friend - Ro was even going to let her take over Security when she was considering resigning in Cathedral. Plus, back when I was adapting Demons of Air and Darkness for season 8, I put Etana in as the Militia officer driving Ro and Quark's escape shuttle. It had been a random bit-player in the book, but I saw the opportunity to properly introduce somebody who I knew was going to be a frequently recurring character. And that just fed into it perfectly too - Demons came immediately after Abyss, the last S31 story. It just made sense.

But at the same time, I didn't want to make Etana out-and-out evil, because that would ruin the nice character we've had for the last two years of story-time. Hence her being a dupe of Cole - he gets her to do her dirty work without telling her why she's doing it. Because why would he?

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as was a possible *hint* about Rena. I just completely never considered such twists; but in hindsight, something always seemed strange about Rena in the first place.
As you say, there has to be something going on there, because why else introduce her as a character in the stories, in Fragments and Omens? Well, I think I've figured out what it is.

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I think the prime revelation about the 4 religions is something the Relaunch itself was clearly aiming towards, and I'm glad it has now been finally spelled out. Really curious to see where this goes.
Yeah, that was hinted at pretty heavily in The Calling, which is why I had to include that story in my season, because it fed into what I wanted to do with the Ascendant storyline. The bit about Oralius and Ohalu being an Eavoq in my own invention, but again, it makes sense to me. The names are just too similar (as is B'Hala, where the jevonite figurine came from).

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Happy that Taranatar's head is screwed on straight again.
Yeah, he's been through so much now, but I think he needed to go through a few more steps before he was ready to say "Enough." At the end of The Soul Key he was still dithering between returning to the Founders and doing his own thing. He said, "I was not meant to be free," and he believed it. But the multiple-L'Haans storyline was enough to finally push him over the edge and make him say, "You know what? Fuck this."

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Also, I am happy this resolution of the Section 31 plotline. The way Cole was defeated was, in my humble opinion, perfect. When it comes to espionage tales in sci-fi, the technology too often takes center stage. Holograms, teleporters, forcefields and the like always leave a feeling of deus ex machina at the end. This time, it didn't.
Overconfidence. He thought he had all the tricks at his disposal when he was dealing with Bashir, but just like Vaughn said, he forgot to look behind him. Then he did exactly the same with a Vulcan colleague who had just been mind-raped by a Jem'Hadar and who he had just threatened to kill. Dumb-ass. No surprise he got killed.

We know from Zero Sum Game that Cole is no longer in the picture and L'Haan is still operating. Who better to have killed him than L'Haan herself?

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Also appreciate this showing that Bashir is on his way towards acting the way he does in "Zero Sum Game", he isn't there yet, and acted in a way consistent with his character. Believing it is possible to be a spy, but to keep morally clean as well. Vaughn knows otherwise, and it is good that they disagreed.
L'Haan had to kill Cole. So that meant Vaughn and Bashir couldn't kill Cole. How to achieve that without some wacky unlikely escape? Make it a character choice. Bashir and Vaughn are on the same line, but Bashir leans to one side and Vaughn leans to the other. Even so, Vaughn does back down, and regrets what he nearly had to do. He's not completely black hat, but he's definitely prepared to go a lot further in that direction than Bashir is.

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Now, for Sisko. Oooff. This one is going to be hard task I'm sure, to take him to the point he is in "Rough Beasts of Empire", a place that a considerable amount of fandom has NOT agreed with.
Well, don't forget there's a good two years between the end of my stories, and Destiny and RBoE. Plenty of time for more stuff to happen. But we have seen Sisko obsessed before, so I have no problem believing he would take it a bit too far.

But then, if he hadn't done what he did to Rena, Kasidy wouldn't have thrown him out of the house, and he wouldn't have ended up at B'Hala, and he wouldn't have had his vision, and he wouldn't have found the answers he needs.

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