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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

These terrorists are really antiterrorists.


Their job is to promote security and well being.

To make sure that Democracy and the Confederation of Canada prevails with strength and constance.

They are going to slow the erosion of economic decline and enhance the efficacy of the governments services, promote the creation of technology that will ease the burden of oil dependence and the expense...

Which supposedly is what Troy and Dyllan were supposed to be up to in Battlestar 1980 when they were playing with those fucking super scouts.

From the trailer for next weeks episode, the "Terrorists" seem to be inventing cold fusion.

They're going to solve the energy crisis and then hand it over to the government who will be rooted when there is no more oil left to tax.

Or are they just dicks who are going to build a bomb to kill the corporations decades before they're in place to enact the economic bail out?
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