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Re: True or False: Dear Dr. is most morally bankrupt trek episode evar

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Great way to start a thoughtful discussion.
I like to start with a bang from now and then.

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This was an episode that took the time to play out someone's moral dilemma instead of being just shoot-and-fun.
Except that it wasn't supposed to be the Captain's dilemma in the first place. A Captian should know better than to play God.

*But Kirk did it*
Sure, Kirk did it. but... He had a full century of Starfleet history to learn from, whilst Archer did not. And his inexperience is a petty excuse.

As I said, the responsible course of action would be to report to his superiors. This was not a decision for one man to make. This was a complex matter, with complex implications.

Plus, let's not forget one simple fact. Phlox was wrong.

Mandatory read:
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