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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

Damn it...I wanted them to stay in the future! Those first 10 minutes were far more interesting than all of Caprica. Why come back to boring 2012, and get stuck with the dude from Mutant X?
I did enjoy the first episode though, in spite of the temporal shift. This doesn't necessarily need to be a 'catch a con a week' setup, so a 10 episode order with 9 perps left shouldn't have anyone asking what'll she do in a second season. Plus, do we really know what happened to Bra'tac? Did Joshua and Andromeda say he was dead, see a body? I was wondering if he perhaps wound up in a later/earlier time period than the rest. I guess William B Davis will forever illicit second looks whenever he shows up, so the ending was indeed a surprise. And from the looks of it, his creepy step dad's cabal will play a role in how the future develops.
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