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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finally finished Island in the Sea of Time today. It kept me interested, but there were certain elements that I found ... annoying.

One, I found it difficult to suspend my disbelief the further along the novel went. I cannot imagine any microcosm of US society being able to accomplish all that they did in just two short years, I don't care what kind of throwback specialists might have just happened to be around. Two, I found both the sailing jargon and the battle/firearms jargon to be beyond my comprehension, and therefore a real slog to read through as the story wore on and it took up more and more of the narrative.

I like the concept and characters enough to proceed onward to the next volume, Against the Tide of Years. I need to see what Walker will get up to in Greece. However, I did just get the new Typhon Pact installment the other day, and I'm kind of eager to check it out. We'll see where my fancy takes me.
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