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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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My TRU doesn't have TDKR figs out as of yesterday either. I'm only interested in the Alfred to flip on Ebay as it's the one per case.
This is the collector thread, not the scalper thread.
I do collect, I also flip ones I'm not interested in to better afford the ones I do want.

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This is the collector thread, not the scalper thread.

How much money would a TDKR Alfred even be worth?
What kind of scratch are eBay folks spending on the new figures? I know it's going to be a huge movie when it premieres, but the toy lines for most movies that don't have the words STAR, WARS, TOY or STORY in their titles just don't have that pizzazz or oomph that the Lucas stuff or Buzz Lightyear and his friends have. Look at the AVENGERS toys. I'm sure they're selling really well, but I hear very little about them in the toy community. 99% of the talk about AVENGERS is about the film itself and not the merchandise. It just doesn't have a shitload of appeal outside of diehard AVENGERS fans.
Right now they are only going for a bit more than retail, depending on which retail you get them at I suppose. I see Alfred going for $27-35usd the past week. However nows not the time to sell them. You get a few, sit on them and in 6-8months when the line is over and there remains folks who don't have them you double or better your return on the figure.

I'm doing fine with my Avengers flipping. I don't do Star Wars, everyone seems to have a hand there. Market is heavily saturated. Just sold all 3 MU Hulks for $60, had less than $30 in them. Got the Target MU 2 packs at 75% off, sat on them and been selling those for 3x what I paid.

Over Christmas Target had the DC bobble head PoP figs. After X-Mas they were 90% off, got 4 of them for under $5 and just sold them yesterday for $29. Not too bad. My Ebay user name would look familiar if you found it.

I then either buy the figs I want and/or some Omnibus editions.
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