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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x20 - "In the Stars" (part 1 of 3)

Caught up with a bunch in quick succession. Finished reading this on the eve of picking up 'Plagues of Night' so I'm quite excited and happy to be getting back into DS9.

It really feels like this is season coming to a close, so many plotlines are starting to come together, and I'm happy with pretty much all of them.

The reveal of Etana was a huge huge surprise, as was a possible *hint* about Rena. I just completely never considered such twists; but in hindsight, something always seemed strange about Rena in the first place.

I think the prime revelation about the 4 religions is something the Relaunch itself was clearly aiming towards, and I'm glad it has now been finally spelled out. Really curious to see where this goes.

The Ascendant War. Glad to see that it will likely be the Dominion bearing the brunt of this, rather than another thing Starfleet will be dragged into. Between the Dominion War and the Borg Apocalypse, I've really had my fill of war stories and doom and gloom. Happy that Taranatar's head is screwed on straight again.

Also, I am happy this resolution of the Section 31 plotline. The way Cole was defeated was, in my humble opinion, perfect. When it comes to espionage tales in sci-fi, the technology too often takes center stage. Holograms, teleporters, forcefields and the like always leave a feeling of deus ex machina at the end. This time, it didn't.

Also appreciate this showing that Bashir is on his way towards acting the way he does in "Zero Sum Game", he isn't there yet, and acted in a way consistent with his character. Believing it is possible to be a spy, but to keep morally clean as well. Vaughn knows otherwise, and it is good that they disagreed.

Now, for Sisko. Oooff. This one is going to be hard task I'm sure, to take him to the point he is in "Rough Beasts of Empire", a place that a considerable amount of fandom has NOT agreed with. If this series can pull off that transition seeming believable and consistent with his character, then it might be on par with Kirsten Beyer salvaging the sinking ship that was Voyager.

Keep up the good work.
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