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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

i was going to say that too.

the actual computer wouldn't take up too much juice.

but the entire suit is a display/monitor.

i refuse to believe that sucker is nuclear or that she needs to find a bolt of lightning.

but if it's a question of a compatible power source or the correct interface/adapter, she's going to have to go to that farm eventually to meat up with junior and see if he's cooked up the hardware she needs...

In the first dalek story in the 60s, the daleks were powered by static electricity pumped through the metal streets/surfaces of their city, and all they need to do to break a dalek was push it on it's side and it was disconnected.

Her suit might also be supposed to be maintained by the infrastructure of the city... Although the guy that invented the suit, knew that she was going to travel back in time decades before that suit was issued to her.

Notice how her gun didn't work immediately?

Was that about power or permissions?

I could see a smart gun having to verify with base before/between every shot fired that the user isn't some punk. If she wants to use that gun again she's going to have to hack it.

What sort of tech do the prisoners have inside them?

I could see them being stripped of tech or having it locked, I could also see them in a little bit of pain for running away form jail that wil increase exponentially until they hand themselves in just like kira did to that skeeve in the am-track. Or would that be redundant since they were about to be executed?
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