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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

It also means that he allowed a terrorist attack in the recent present.

Now the guy they caught said that "they can't go back" which might just mean that they don't have the tech for a return trip, but if the future is in flux, or even certain that because of what they are doing in the past, then that means that the activation of the time machine might have destroyed the universe and that there is no time past the point that they left, until some bugger breaks the loop.

Although, I think we saw a few people in a panic after the fugitive vanished, so scrub that unless it takes a few minutes for the universe to completely collapse like it does in Stargate.

Davis' complicity was only slightly less bloody obvious than Kira's husband.

He was trying to rescue his wife well before the escape started.

Which means that he has the tech on hand, if the universe still exists, to follow her back in time... Allthough is he going back 6 years or 60?

he wouldn't be such an idiot to go back in time which is a self incriinating act, which would have his wife consider summerly execution, and leave the kid behind? Husbands come and go, it takes months to replace a child.
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