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Re: Alice Eve: Babe of the week #22 (May 2012)

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It's more all blonde celebrities look like that.
So...Alice Eve looks just like Gwyneth Paltrow who looks just like Scarlett Johannsen who looks just like Cat Deeley who looks just like Jennifer Lawrence...really? You can't tell any of them apart?
Now, you're just being silly.

Of course all people look different (damn you, genetics!) but most of the "hot blonde celebrities" are just vapid-looking women who do that staring into the camera with their mouth open. Sorry, for me all (re:most) blondes "look alike" to me in that little about them really stands out. Paltrow and ScarJo I think both have features that make them "stand out" from the generic blonde factor. There's touches to both that just make them "different enough."

This woman? To me she just looks like every other hot blonde celebrity out there.
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