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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

I don't know. There's nothing particularly bad about it, but it's not something I would call a favourite either. It is somewhat by the numbers and predictable. Like everything these days it has some sort of 9/11 allegory serving as the catalyst (which I assume that terrorist attack at the beginning was supposed to be). Yeah, I get it, 9/11 was a big thing, a defining moment of the 21st century. But after a decade of every TV show trying to do its take on it, I think it's time to move on.

The twist at the ending regarding William B Davis was unexpected. In fact, when I first saw him smiling at the beginning, I was thinking "well of course he's a shady bastard, how obvious can you get?" But the actual revelation, though the number one cliche for a time travel story, actually came out of left field and caught me off guard

I like how the commercials made Tony Amendola look like he'd be a central character, but then after the opening five minutes he's gone. Yeah, I know this sort of thing happens all the time, but still.

Of course you can tell it's filmed in Vancouver with all those recognizable actors. Seriously, I think I've seen about 90% of the actors in this episode at some point in the Stargate or BSG franchises. That's not a complaint, just an observation.

The police look like complete dumbasses falling for Kira's(sp?) trick of pretending to be that detective she saw on TV. Yeah, you can kind of explain it as things being so busy, but did no one watch the news that morning? Is there no poilce database where you cna enter the name and badge number into and get a picture of the actual detective?

We get that typical moment in a time travel story when the future traveller has trouble blending in the past, but I don't buy it here. I really don't believe that if Rachel Nichols walked down the streets of modern day Vancouver in a skin-tight jumpsuit, grown women would laugh mockingly at her as she walked by. But maybe that's just me.

Anyway, an an average episode, but I'll probably stick around for the time being.
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