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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Of course not. I've already said -- what's at issue here was not whether Sisko's actions were objectively right (because it's ridiculous to insist that fictional characters should never be allowed to make mistakes), but whether his motives were in character and understandable. The point is that he was absolutely convinced that he had to leave his family in order to protect them, therefore it's a damn lie to call him a deadbeat who abandoned them for selfish reasons. Even if what he did was wrong, he did it for what he believed were the right reasons. How many times does that have to be repeated?

We're objecting to the accusations that his motives were somehow selfish or callous toward his family, because that is a profound misreading of the text. It is possible to disagree with someone's choices but still believe in his good intentions.
I think what it comes down to as the source of our disagreement at least is what you see as mutually incompatible - his motives being right and his actions being abandonment - I see as not incompatible. Intentions matter, they matter vitally, but so do the results that actions have on other people.

Maybe analogizing to take it out of this particular context? Let's suppose I say something which you find very insulting or hurtful, but which I didn't intend as such and my motives for saying it weren't negative. I can't just say "Well, my motives weren't to hurt you, therefore you weren't hurt" - hurt is a personal thing and my motives aren't what determine that. Now, I can say "I'm sorry, it wasn't my intent to hurt you, here's what I actually meant and I hope you can see that," but the action I took affected you in a way independent of my intent. Pretending you weren't insulted or that you don't have the right to be insulted is missing the point. Intent hopefully correlates with reception, but not always. That's why I say that, while Sisko's motive wasn't to abandon Kas, his actions were that in fact, in the same way that while my intent wasn't to insult you my action was in fact insulting. Does that make sense?

Thanks for linking back Dave's posts, btw... well, and Sho.

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i have to ask, is it really necessary to post stuff about Plagues of Night in spoiler code when the thread has spoilers in the tittle?
Apparently yes.
I'd rather be safe and not get yelled at than sorry, but I'd be happy to talk openly about Plagues.

I gave it "Outstanding" because while I still have my quibbles overall I thought it was excellent and the storylines involving all the other characters were great - and I mostly enjoyed the Sisko one too and can't deny it was really well-written.
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