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Re: The changes in the Enterprise-D bridge in Generations...

I agree with the above poster that the added stations and extras to man them would probably have been done during the series if there had been money available for the extras.
As for elevating the command chairs and giving Worf a seat, that was done to get everyone to fit into the 2.35:1 widescreen aspect ratio. The set was designed for essentially a square TV format so the actors positions had to be compressed a bit to fit a rectangular frame for long shots towards the rear of the set.
The much improved dramatic lighting was partially to hide set flaws (they were designed for lower-resolution TV), and partially because the sets would have been much too light when exposed on film. Notice how much better the uniform colors look and how much darker the blacks in the costumes are in the film when compared to the TV show. I'll bet that on the show they would have liked to light sets more like the film but they would have looked murky and TOO dark on a small TV screen. On film, with a big theater screen, you can see so much more detail that dramatic lighting like that is possible.
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