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Agent Richard07
Re: Continuum the new tv series!

Just saw the first episode. It doesn't seem too formulaic and it had a good hook at the end. It's almost like Time Trax, but our lead character, played by Rachel Nichols, isn't sending anyone back to the future. And with only 8 or 9 convicts on the loose and a 10-episode order, it looks like Nichols' character can have them all dealt with by the end of the season. If that's the case, that could allow the show to evolve if it's renewed. And for those who wanted a show that takes place in the future, you'll get your wish. Sort of. Nichols' character has a built in memory device that allows her to interact with her memories of life in the future. It's like a built-in holodeck. She "revisits" her family, but these memories/simulations could also allow her to revisit other personal or work related memories and put together clues about to what these convicts have planned. I'll be tuning in to see where it goes.
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