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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

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I really disliked SGU. It just didn't feel like a SG series. I only watched about 4 episodes, and everytime I just didn't like it, except for one episode. The soldiers were going against the civilians, trying to take over the ship. The episode wanted you to like the civilians. Personally, I sided with the soldiers, and hoped the civilians got defeated. I'm not even sure why they were against each other (I hadn't seen the episode preceding it) but I just felt that the soldiers were right, and the civilians were wrong. But, besides that episode, every other time I tried to watch thew series, I just got bored.
That went the other way around, the civilians wanted to take control from the military. For the stupidest of reasons too. The civilians felt they should have been in charge since in civilized countries the military anwers to civilians. Conveniently ignoring that they were hired by the military and signed a contract saying they accepted military authority.
It had to do with the fact that Young was starting to go off the hinges, and that (as far as the civilians know) he left Rush to die on the planet just because they disagreed.
Thing is, no one on the ship (military or civilian) liked Rush and at that point a lot of them were blaming him for stranding them out there. So why would anyone turn on Young for ditching Rush?
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