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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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This is the collector thread, not the scalper thread.
How much money would a TDKR Alfred even be worth? What kind of scratch are eBay folks spending on the new figures? I know it's going to be a huge movie when it premieres, but the toy lines for most movies that don't have the words STAR, WARS, TOY or STORY in their titles just don't have that pizzazz or oomph that the Lucas stuff or Buzz Lightyear and his friends have. Look at the AVENGERS toys. I'm sure they're selling really well, but I hear very little about them in the toy community. 99% of the talk about AVENGERS is about the film itself and not the merchandise. It just doesn't have a shitload of appeal outside of diehard AVENGERS fans.

The real mojo and business remains with stuff like STAR WARS and, say, Sideshow Collectibles-level stuff. The aura around some action figures like Darth Malgus, Wedge or the Imperial Navy(Death Squad)Commander is just nothing short of epic with folks like my buddy who co-owns the toy shop. He'll happily take AVENGERS or Batman figures and do his best to sell them for a great and affordable price, but the real action right now is in acquiring harder-to-find SW figures both new and classic. He's happy when he gets an entire mint-on-card set of every THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA or Marvel Legends figure but the first two lines just don't sell well on the secondhand market at all...period. There's a chance he'll completely crap out on some stuff he gets even if the movie was a hit and relegate it all to the three- or four-for-$10 racks. With STAR WARS, the only stuff he can't seem to sell are the really bad and boring pegwarmers and older, not-as-well-made figures from past lines like, oh, say, the POTF2 R5-D4 or the more common Episode I figures most everyone already has. But give him a Malgus, Nom Anor, Darth Malak, TC-14, Jacen Solo or McQuarrie Concept Boba Fett and the dude will sell all that stuff pronto. Some of that stuff is like printing money because he can and will sell it all even if it's a $20 or $25 figure. Collectors will drive fifty miles or more to get an Ephant Mon or Darth Revan. And don't even ask about the original 1978 stuff he and his partners got in the shop over the years! That stuff disappeared faster than a cloaked Romulan Warbird. People want STAR WARS, old or long as it's good.
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