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Re: Agamemnon Voyages: The God Particle

Gibraltar wrote: View Post
Oh, yes... absolutely nothing could go wrong with this plan! Welcome to your first week in command of a starship. By the way, here's an enormous crisis the likes of which we'd hoped you'd never have to face in your entire career. Try not to screw the pooch on this while you're attempting to save the galaxy from a veritable apocalypse.
Yeah, no pressure, right?

BrotherBenny wrote: View Post
Seriously, I enjoyed that particular episode of Voyager, and hoped that someone would tackle that demon again. Of course it would have to be Donners in her first week on the job, with an untested crew.
I too thought there was plenty more that could be told about Omega. The implications both of the molecule as well as of the related super-directive are quite staggering.

The Badger wrote: View Post
Up until now what we've been getting is mostly scene setting, albeit interesting, very well written scene setting. But now things are beginning to set off and I don't think it's going to be the smoothest of rides for our new captain and her somewhat divisive crew.

One quibble (sorry). The Agamemnon is apparently the first ship to detect the Omega particle, is certainly the closest to it. But within a matter of minutes, and before contacting Maya, Admiral Glover has diverted another ship to help out. It's possible, it just feels a bit rushed to me.

That aside, the usual high quality prose and characterisation.
Quibbles are great. I like quibbles.

My view would be that Starfleet takes the Omega Molecule extremely seriously as Adm. Glover explained. Agamemnon is not the first ship to come across Omega (more about that soon) and Starfleet has since instituted a very clear protocol on how to handle something that could potentially destroy society as we know it.

Within moments of any Starfleet vessel's sensors detecting the molecule, Starfleet automatically initiates this protocol which not only sends an immediate message to the highest ranking officer in the sector (Glover) but also activates a specialist response vessel (Volta). I think of the whole thing like a 911 call if somebody reports a fire. Albeit this is the 24th century so it's a lot faster.

Glover's first reaction of course is that the nearest vessel is captained by a rookie captain and an untested crew so his very first order is to get the next closest starship (Cuffe) diverted. Then he makes that dreaded call to Donners. Should only take a couple of minutes.

Thanks for reading and commenting everyone.
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