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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I'm confused that this misunderstanding persists. It's not a "vague sense" of anything. Sisko lived with beings who existed in the future. Who didn't just have a sense of what the future might hold, but who directly experienced what actually would happen. While he lived with the Prophets, he saw the future too. And while he doesn't remember specifics, he remembers knowing for a fact that they'd be in danger if he stayed. Why is that so difficult to comprehend? It was spelled out quite clearly in the book, I thought.
In RBoE, there is no affirmation - or implication - that Sisko knew anything beyond 'You will know only sorrow'. Every time his motivation is brought up, it's always only this prophecy; there's not a trace of anything related to Sisko's stay in the wormhole (or any other source of information - unless you count depression and paranoia as such).

The 'Sisko knew more' is a forum theory, transparently meant to excuse Sisko, unsupported by RBoE.
But if you read Fearfull Symetry and The Soul Key, you would know yourself that it's NOT a forum theory, but from the novels. People seem to completely forget those two novels, where Sisko meets his counterparts from other universes, and things about what is to come are revealed to him.
I have read the books you name, Mage.

In those books it's shown Sisko knows of a prophets' meta-plan for a number of quantum universes, NOT anything relating to his personal life or future misery.

The book that confirms this is RBoE - by certifying that, regarding the 'only misery' prophecy, Sisko knew nothing beyond the prophecy from 'What you leave behind'. All his decisions are based on those words only, with no further knowledge (and we were privy to his thoughts).

The apologist argument - which REMAINS a theory from this forum - goes something like:
~'So what if his thoughts revealed no further knowledge? In his subconscious, he knew more - never mind the fact that this is nowhere established/hinted at in RBoE'.
The very definition of apologist fanwank - convoluted, unsupported arguments, disregarding authorial intent in a game to play 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' because one doesn't like what was established.

PS - If RBoE isn't enough for you:
DRG3 discussed RBoE on this forum, bickering about Sisko's development. Feel free to read the thread yourself - and see how he didn't intend for Sisko to have information beyond the prophecy.
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