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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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See, the difference in those latter situations is that they're dealing with an actual, legitimate threat and not a vague sense of "threat" possibly brought about by depression and deepened with self-justification.
I'm confused that this misunderstanding persists. It's not a "vague sense" of anything. Sisko lived with beings who existed in the future. Who didn't just have a sense of what the future might hold, but who directly experienced what actually would happen. While he lived with the Prophets, he saw the future too. And while he doesn't remember specifics, he remembers knowing for a fact that they'd be in danger if he stayed. Why is that so difficult to comprehend? It was spelled out quite clearly in the book, I thought.
In RBoE, there is no affirmation - or implication - that Sisko knew anything beyond 'You will know only sorrow'. Every time his motivation is brought up, it's always only this prophecy; there's not a trace of anything related to Sisko's stay in the wormhole (or any other source of information - unless you count depression and paranoia as such).

The 'Sisko knew more' is a forum theory, transparently meant to excuse Sisko, unsupported by RBoE.
But if you read Fearfull Symetry and The Soul Key, you would know yourself that it's NOT a forum theory, but from the novels. People seem to completely forget those two novels, where Sisko meets his counterparts from other universes, and things about what is to come are revealed to him.

So yes, Sisko DOES know more. Sisko already starts in this downward spiral, when he is forced to use Elias by lying to him to accomplish a goal in the Mirror Universe. He does this, as stated in the one of the last chapters in The Soul Key, for Them. The Prophets.
Now, if you we can believe the tidbits from RBoE, a lot has happened during the 4 year gap, that forced Sisko to make decisions for Them, because he believed it was all for the greater good. In the meantime, a lot of his friends and family were put into danger and got hurt or almost hurt.

Now, for those of us paying attention, here's the kicker!!! The writers appereantly decided that this is where the warning from the Sarah Prophet comes in (if you marry her, you will know nothing but sorrow). After all this, he feels (perhaps not rightly so, but still, this is Sisko's point of view) that his existince alone is already hurting the people around him. So, he feels that he can better protect them by removing himself from their lives.
Wether or not this is the right choice, is left open to debate (funny how we are actually doing that now, huh?).

My point is, the path Sisko is taking now, was probably part of the longer story-line for DS9. However, since we never got those novels (thanks for that btw, Pocket Books), we are left with interpreting events from a few sketchy descriptions from RBoE sofar. I don't know yet if the same can be said for Plagues, haven't read it yet. So people fill in their own gaps. Some logically, some with emotions of hatred and anger because they feel betrayed by DRGIII for doing something awfull to Sisko. Something that probably would have made a lot more sense if the DS9 novels were left to continue instead of being forced to move along with the rest of TrekLit.
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