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Re: Does anyone else dislike Keiko O'brien?

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And if O'Brien acted that way to her, he'd be a bastard, plain and simple. So no, no double standard here.
And what way is that?
Criticizing every move she made, belittling her career (especially if he were the military spouse who should've know what he was getting into when he got married, and decided if he could deal with that for better or for worse, or not), and constantly making "jokes" about how she'd better not cheat on him, as if automatically assuming the intention to cheat is there. I would find O'Brien unwatchable if the exact same behaviors were taken and then scripted onto him, if all he ever did was try to break her down.

Personally, I think that couple either never should've married, or should've gotten a divorce. :-/

It is possible the situation is touchier for me because I have close family members with a destructive marriage where one has been psychologically destroying the other for years.
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