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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

First off... 'bout fuckin; time! Was the book on fuckin' hiatus? Jay-sus! I gots to get me Smallvile fix!

The latest ish, #4, was a nice little read. Miller has really figured out how to pace these chapters so he can cover as much ground as possible and still be coherent.

As on the show Lex Luthor is the most interesting character in troupe. His obsessive side was in full swing in this issue. His drive for at least half the series was unlocking the secret of what happened to him on that bridge. His new drive is unlocking the memories that Tess' has stolen away from him. The funny thing is that both of those drives would lead to the same thing.

Clark Kent's little secret.

I'm hoping Miller doesn't tease us with Lex's obsession for seven more seasons like Gough and Millar did. I think the ramifications of Lex finding out Superman's secret identity would be fascinating. Especially in light of his new initiative. His orbital defense platform. Ostensibly to defend Earth from alien invasion but (I'm certain) in truth to attack Superman.

Naturally, with the introduction of Hank Henshaw, we're looking at the start of a threat far worse than any Lex could conceive Superman capable of. I almost wish I could warn Henshaw.


We wouldn't have a season if I actually succeeded in warning him!
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