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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

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No, just vaguely familiar with what happens in it. Doesn't the suit become something he can willfully activate and it like comes out of bones or something rather than being, well, a suit? I think that sort of diminishes the "every day man becoming a hero" thing.
Do yourself a favor and read the damn book. If you can't I'll tell you via PM. It's a 4 year old comic, sure, but it's a great, nuanced tale, and it's definitely worth not spoiling.
I got your link but I apparently don't have a viewer for the file type... or something. I track down a trade for it and give it a look. I'm not a big Marvel reader, nor a follower of Iron Man (really his movie was the first meaningful exposure I had to him.) But in reading about him since then and reading about the Extremis armor (again, IIRC was the armor encased in the hollow spots of his bones or something like that...?) made me roll my eyes a bit. The "man in powered suit" idea appealed to me more. But I'll check out that story line.
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